#ukrainianvibes in the ASA programm

A couple of months ago, you started in your project with the ASA programm. What was your motivation to apply for the project?

Tell me more about your project. What is your project about

Four participants under a wooden dome.

Olha, Anna, Nele and Katharina are engaging for peace and democracy. Photo: Democracy International

A group of young people under a wooden dome.

Under the European dome the participants are discussing with different people about civil engagement. Photo: Democracy International

The dome in front. In the back, there is the „Brandenburger Tor“.

The tour leads the participants to Cologne and Berlin in Germany. Photo: Democracy International

The wooden dome on a big space. The four participants are standing in front.

In the rainy Wrocław the four participants continue with their tour. Photo: Democracy International

You´ve been on tour travelling through Germany and Poland and promoting Ukrainian Vibes: Could you tell me about your experiences?

How do the online events differ from the live experiences?

Which learning experiences did you have?