Requirements for participation

For young people from countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and South-East Europe

The requirements at a glance

ASA participants should:

  • be between 21 and 35 years of age, and
  • preferably, be involved with the partner institution in their place of residence in a country in Africa, Asia, Latin America or South-East Europe, but not in a leadership position.

Ideally, ASA participants possess:

  • knowledge about the activities and requirements of the specific project,
  • an interest in global interdependencies,
  • an openness to learning,
  • willingness to work in teams with diverse backgrounds, and
  • knowledge of the project language (English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish). Participants should be willing to learn German. Proficiency in English is a minimum requirement.

ASA participants are expected to:

  • actively participate in all seminars and any special or networking seminars,
  • reach out to partner institutions and actively contribute to the project,
  • write a brief evaluation when the project phase is completed, and
  • be open to intercultural learning processes and willing to discover new perspectives,
  • be available for a six-month, full-time project phase (three months in Germany, three months in a country in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Southeast Europe), as well as for an individual preparation of the project phase in Germany and
  • become deeply involved with the cooperating partner institutions.