Project proposal

Your benefit

  • As a partner institution you secure the cooperation of qualified and committed young people who support your projects.
  • You provide the participants with important impulses for their future commitment. After their project phase, the participants become involved as multipliers, promote an understanding of global interrelationships and lobby for sustainable development and fair global cooperation.
  • Offering an ASA project together with other institutions, can benefit the expansion of your international cooperation. The joint project - from proposal to supervision – provides you with the opportunity to establish or expand a project partnership.
  • You benefit from the advice of the ASA Programme in the preparation of a proposal for a project and in the supervision of the participants.
  • You will become part of a worldwide partner and alumni network of the ASA Programme.
  • Following the project phase, you will receive a detailed report from the participants and an evaluation of the results of the implemented project, if desired.