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ASA Kaleidoskop


Three people talking. More people can be seen in the background.

At the ASA Kaleidoskop participants are encouraged to mingle, network, and have a good time. Photo: Markus Karl

Jeanne Lätt talking in front of an audience.

Welcoming Words by Jeanne Lätt, Project Manager at ASApreneurs. Photo: Markus Karl

A person from the audience stands and talks into a microphone.

Kickstarting with a few short introductions. Photo: Markus Karl

A person is talking into a microphone. In the background is a presentation that reads “The effects…”.

Autumn School participant Fezeka Stuurman pitches Bright Futures Africa Foundation in front of the audience. Photo: Markus Karl

Two persons are standing in front of an audience. In the background is a presentation.

Autumn School Alumni Manuel Dingemann (GER) and Bryan Majola (SA) give an input and impulse session on digital tools used by social entrepreneurs. Photo: Markus Karl

Geraldine de Bastion and James Odede are sitting on a couch. They talk.

Keynote speaker Geraldine de Bastion and Autumn School participant James Odede (Lakehub) in deep conversation. Photo: Markus Karl

Two people are looking on a computer screen. In the background are people talking to each other.

Tim Schlippe, founder of Silicon Surfer, presents his new text visualising software for hearing impaired individuals at the Kaleidoskop Marketplace. Photo: Markus Karl

Two people are singing. In the background is a presentation.

Every panel discussion should start with a spontaneous jam session ! Featuring Prince Agbata, founder of waste-management app coliba, and moderator Flavie Singirankabo. Photo: Markus Karl

Four people are sitting in front of an audience. One persons speaks into a microphone.

A high class panel with Steve Odhiambo, Geraldine de Bastion, Flavie Singirankabo (moderation) and Prof. André Reichel. Photo: Markus Karl

One person is holding a technical instrument. Three other people are watching her.

This year´s Autumn School participants and alumni participated in the event. Photo: Markus Karl

Philipp Keil is talking into a microphone. In the background are various roll-ups from participating institutions.

Summarizing words by Philipp Keil, CEO of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation for Development Cooparation. Photo: Markus Karl

Group picture with more than 65 people.

A great day thanks to a great crowd – thank you for your lively participation! Photo: Markus Karl